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Digital marketing plays a vital role in modern business. Without employees who can generate leads and convert sales online; many companies simply wouldn’t survive. If you’re looking to secure quality candidates to place in digital marketing roles, then it’s crucial that they possess the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to make an impact.
SEO & Content Marketing:
With more than half of all online purchases starting with a search query, it’s more important than ever for businesses to maintain high levels of visibility in the major search engines. A professional marketer with a proven track record in building and increasing organic traffic to websites, is certainly a valuable candidate.
A good SEO professional should firstly have solid keyword-research knowledge to enable them to pinpoint the exact search terms that their audience are using. They should also be adept in the creation of high-quality engaging content that addresses customer needs, and is recognised as valuable by the search engines. Off-page SEO talents such as email outreach, link building and guest-posting should also be in an SEO’s arsenal, in order to build further trust with search engines and generate referral traffic from other sites.
PPC (or Pay Per Click) advertising is an effective method of driving instant targeted traffic to a company website – but it can be costly if implemented by unskilled staff. Marketers with a sound understanding of PPC platforms and their functions can be a huge asset to an organisation.
An effective PPC marketer must know how to use all of the major search and social PPC advertising tools such as Google Adwords, Bing, Twitter and Facebook Ads. Campaign setup, optimisation and bid management are all crucial to running successful PPC campaigns, along with analytics and reporting.
Email Marketing:
With an average of 38 dollars generated for every dollar spent, email marketing provides the best return on investment of all the digital marketing channels. A competent email marketer will ensure that subscribers re-engage with a company’s website repeatedly and encourage continued spending.
A candidate who is serious about pursuing an email marketing role should have experience in using one or more of the major email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp, Aweber or Dotmailer. They should also be a skilled strategist and planner with a flair for copywriting to create eye-catching subject lines and persuasive email copy. Ideally they should also be familiar with graphic design basics, A/B testing and campaign reporting and analysis.
Social Media:
With 95% of adults following at least one brand or more on social media, it has become necessary for companies to have a strong social presence. Social media management is an in-demand ability and can help employers to reach large audiences and increase sales.
A strong social media marketing candidate should have in-depth knowledge of the commercial uses of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as social post scheduling tools like Buffer and Hootsuite. The ability to create engaging posts is crucial along with community growth, customer service and viral marketing skills.
User Experience:
User experience (UX) is used to describe any interactions that a customer has with a brand online. It stands to reason that UX is extremely important to the success of an organisation’s online efforts, so skilled UX professionals are highly sought after.
Web design is an essential skill for a good UX candidate, including languages such as HTML/CSS, PHP Java etc. Any UX professional with a track record of landing page builds, lead capture, list building and conversion optimisation will be hugely beneficial to any employer’s marketing strategy.